Seller's Checklist

Property Preparation List

To make a significant difference in the amount of time it takes to sell your home, it is advisable to fully prepare your home for sale. By making necessary repairs and improvements you can help eliminate most buyer concerns before they arise.
Listed below are a few area for consideration.

  • Remove any clutter; Clean appliances, sinks and counter tops
  • Clean any grout and tile
  • Wax the floor
  • Cut the grass
  • Trim any shrubbery
  • Remove/replace dead plants
  • Keep any patio furniture neat
  • If appropriate, hose down driveway
  • Clean/replace grout/caulking
  • Replace shower curtian
  • Fix faucet leaks
  • Clean sink, tub, shower, mirrors
  • Clean window screens and stains
  • Fix chimney cracks
  • Check address numbers and mail box
  • Fresh paint as needed
  • Fix outdoor lighting
Other indoor concerns
  • Check doors and shelves to work properly
  • Take care of any general clutter
  • Check windows for ease of opening
  • Replace furnace/air conditioner filters
  • Fresh paint touch-up of needed surfaces
Garage, etc.
  • Tidy up, get rid of trash
  • Sweep, hosedown floor
  • Check light fixtures, outlets